Culinary Arts

Anne Koehlinger is a well-rounded student currently attending a culinary college, and is passionate about launching her career in culinary arts. Her passion for culinary arts grew from a recent trip to Paris, France where she fell in love with the culture and exquisite French cuisine. Anne Koehlinger visited an array of upscale French restaurants, where she met world-renowned chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs who were classically trained in culinary arts. For this reason, she plans on pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies to develop quality cooking skills. Anne Koehlinger hopes to combine her economics background and Culinary Arts educational experience to potentially open up her own business.

Anne Koehlinger Culinary Arts

Anne Koehlinger hopes to one day own her own restaurant

Students pursuing culinary arts must go through rigorous hands-on training to compete in such a highly competitive field. The majority of all culinary arts programs train students for entry-level chef and kitchen management positions in the rapidly growing food service industry. Depending on the type of food they wish to study and their level of commitment, students can choose to train as a sous chef, executive chef, or junior chef. Culinary arts programs also provide students with practical knowledge, culinary artistry, scientific understanding, and integral managerial and leadership skills.  These programs judge a student’s ability to apply cooking techniques and basic science in the areas of preparation, selection, and serving.

To be taken seriously as a chef in this industry, formal training is strictly advised. Before restaurant managers hire chefs, they require all candidates to have proof of certification from a culinary arts program. Culinary certification from a two to four year institution or the armed forces is only the first requirement for aspiring chefs. Students must also complete an internship or apprenticeship to gain experience working in the kitchen and for future advancement opportunities.

After Anne Koehlinger acquires her Bachelor of Arts degree in Culinary Studies, she will have the cooking skills and experience needed to make delicious meals, work alongside top chefs all over the world, and form her own establishment in the food service industry.

Until she has a chance to apply her entrepreneurial skills professionally, Anne Koehlinger will continue training to build a foundation for her personal cooking style.

Learn more about Anne Koehlinger and her interest in Culinary Arts by visiting her or viewing her Weebly:

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