Illinois Virtual School, College Prep

Students seeking to further their education after high school must learn to choose their courses wisely in order to be accepted into the right college program. The majority of college admissions officers select students who have strengthened their curriculum by balancing demanding and highly advanced courses. For this reason, students need to determine whether their high school program offers a challenging four-year plan that will greatly improve their chances of selection. Illinois Virtual School, College Prep is one such institution that values professional development.Anne Koehlinger Illinois Virtual School

Over 55 state certified and highly qualified professionals currently teach at Illinois Virtual School, College Prep. This institution partners with Illinois school districts and parents of homeschooled students to provide a wider-range of courses not offered by their face-to-face school. With the structure of this program, students can take advantage of enrichment opportunities through concentrated online course training. In total, Illinois Virtual School, College Prep offers 131 different courses ranging from advanced placement to foreign language study. These sophisticated online courses require personal discipline, exceptional keyboarding skills, and excellent written communication. During the training, however, students can devote more time to an online course than they would with a traditional class. Students are also taught to develop their capacities as independent learners because online education is neither time nor place dependent. Anne Koehlinger is a high school senior currently preparing for the rigors of undergraduate study at Illinois Virtual School, College Prep.

As a student who values a high-quality education, Anne Koehlinger enrolled at Illinois Virtual School, College Prep because the advanced online training has allowed her to become well-rounded in a variety of courses. She has also had the benefit of developing time management skills by working at her own pace, without the pressures of a classroom setting. After she completes her studies, Anne Koehlinger hopes to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies to become a world-class chef and open up her own restaurant business.

Find more about Anne Koehlinger and her education on Zerply: or view her profile on Bighsight.

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